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Carpet Photo Feature
The carpet weavers get their yarn from the middlemen who get from wool traders that maintain huge wool stores in Quetta suburbs. The wool traders create yarns, dye them in natural and synthetic dyes. The middlemen buy this yarn and provide it carpet weaving families in the villages and refugee settlements. While hand-woven carpets put the food on the table for refugees fallen on hard times, it also leaves women who are the main weavers with pulmonary and skin diseases from the dust and lint in the yarn. Carpet businessmen all over Pakistan, including those in Quetta, buy these carpets and sell them locally or export them abroad to Europe and US where hand-woven carpets enjoy a huge demand, among them the famous war-rugs with battle paraphernalia ? Kalashnikov rifle, hand grenades, tanks and gunship helicopters ? as seen in the picture. UPI Next/Matiullah