Twin Explosions rock Nairobi's CBD

NAIROBI, Kenya, May 28 -- Two explosions rocked the city center in Nairobi just over an hour ago.

The twin explosions occurred at 1:15 p.m. in Assanands House along Moi Avenue, just behind Nation Centre.

The Kenya Red Cross, along with the General Service Unit (GSU) and the fire brigade are on the scene, evacuating the public and rushing the injured to hospitals.

Fire fighters are working to extinguish the fire in the building. They have already put out a fire that engulfed a house close to the scene.

Police have closed access to the street, as they advise motorists to use alternative routes to commute. Passersby have also been urged to clear the site in order to allow the police and Red Cross to manoeuvre through the commotion.

No deaths have been confirmed; however scores have been rushed to the hospital- 23 of whom have been admitted at Kenyatta National Hospital already. Five of the injured are in critical condition.
The public is being urged by the Red Cross to donate blood, as some of the victims of the blasts are in need of it.