The World rests here

PANCHKULA, India, May 3 -- Tashi is one of the foreign students from Tibet; studying in Delhi University. He is just like any other regular graduate student who is fond of brands, loves music, hangs around with friends and has a cool hairstyle with red streaks. The only thing that is unique about him is his ‘dream’. He wants to own a restaurant in Kamla Nagar, Delhi.

Post independence Kamla Nagar has been one of the most visited places in Delhi. There is no doubt that the footfall started only after the erection of Ghanta Ghar (Clock Tower) but since then people from all over the world visit Kamla Nagar for its various attractive features like spicy street food, fashion brands of latest apparels etc.

This convergence of the world is not only because people want to explore and travel but People like Tashi believe in fulfilling their dreams from here.

Historically, Kamla Nagar was primarily developed as an affluent residential area during the 1950s, however, due to its close proximity to the University Campus of Delhi, businessmen and traders developed a huge market place nearby to cater to the daily needs of residents as well as the students. The absence of a popular market prompted people to invest and henceforth turned this area into a profitable commercial district. Taking advantage of this hot spot, Tashi works here as a part time chef in one of the Chinese restaurants ‘Momo’s Point’.

“…there are many Chinese, Thai and Japanese restaurants in Kamla Nagar but the market is sought after so much so that all the restaurants make profits easily, it depends upon what you serve” said Tashi.

Tashi believes that the market is like a magnet for tourists and Indians both. He has observed the young crowd and their desire to explore and appreciate. That is why along with his studies Tashi earns his living and is inspired by this market only, to have his own restaurant.

Another shopkeeper who owns a mobile repair shop from last twenty years said that his shop earns more profit as compared to his friends in other markets; as Kamla Nagar receives more tourists, hence increasing his customer base.

During the British rule, Kamla Nagar was a politically active area. It was the epicenter of work for prominent political and social officials and leaders of Delhi including famous Freedom Fighters such as Aruna Asaf Ali, Comrade Guru Radha Kishan [Guru Ji], which is why many people come here to peep in the past.

Commenting on the past of Kamla Nagar and its impact today, a social worker, Mrs. Kamlesh Sharma said, “Kamla Nagar is a great example of unity in diversity because of the footfall of variety of people from all over India and the World. Also, its past connects the people from various backgrounds. Last but not the least the structure of the market is such that you WILL find unity in diversity; it is a commercial cum residential area!”

“I visit, I buy and I relish the memories of various stories told by my grandfather about Guru Ji”- said Priyanka Sharma, a resident of Roop Nagar (situated very close to Kamla Nagar)
People enjoy delicious food and buy apparels as today, the Kamla Nagar Market homes a blend of international branded outlets as well as Indian stores dotted along the famous Bungalow Road.

Whereas a psychology teacher Mrs. Renu Somal thinks that it’s the location of the market which makes it a popular hot spot.

“It is surrounded by Delhi University and Hans Raj College, so youngsters visit there for sure and shops earn profit. Plus the history, variety in food and apparels attracts foreign tourists” Mrs. Somal said.

“Kamla Nagar’s best part is shops at the ground level and residential area above them, it is amazing. We meet different people in this market only and also the finger licking food” says a visitor from America.

But some residents of nearby areas find the restaurants very expensive. Rahul a resident of Roop Nagar said “I come here to eat only, that too from street vendors as restaurants are very expensive. Being a resident of Delhi I know what the real prices are.”

Commenting on this Mrs. Somal said, “It is but natural, Kamla Nagar is old and very famous; any entrepreneur would do that to earn maximum profit.”

Over so many years this place has been one of the most popular places to visit and enjoy. The developments and attractions have made it a place where the world converges. And people like Tashi have a great contribution in making it so.

“I want to earn, learn, explore and enjoy, that’s why my own restaurant in Kamla Nagar” said Tashi with a twinkle in his eye.