Eunuchs: The journey in between

DELHI, India, Aug. 4 -- You think of them as neither your father nor mother, neither your brother nor sister, neither your son nor daughter. Then who are they? Are they half males or half females, or they are the castrated males. Yes, we are talking about the third gender. Eunuchs or ‘Kinner’ (as they are known in India) are not a usual sight in the outside world but, in India you can often find them begging on roads, in buses or trains. They dress like females, put gaudier makeup, sing and dance at auspicious occasions and believe to posses occult powers. But, there life story doesn’t end there. They do have a life beyond this; the part of their life which has always been neglected earlier. Aspects which were never been told so frequently, aspects about their language, religion, community and their customs. Akanksha Jain and Saiam Hasan tries to explore the unsaid and went beyond the curtains to know about the hidden cultural side of eunuchs in India.