Indonesian Comedy Movie 'covered' Sex

DEPOK, Indonesia, Sept. 14 -- The Indonesian film industry has begun to grow and is visible in the number of Indonesian films shown in theaters each year. The revival, though, has in part been due to sexuality in the scenes such as in films like Quickie Express, Kawin Kontrak, Namaku Dick, and XL, Antara Aku, Kau dan Mak Erot and Wet.

According to Ade Armando, a lecturer in Social Communication Sciences at the University of Indonesia, the number of "naughty" comedy circulating in Indonesian theaters today has been quick and without preparation.

"To make a film of good quality, human resources are needed such as script writer, actor and a good director. But high costs. Therefore, to reach many audiences at reasonable cost, it made sex movies," he said in response to the rise of Indonesian comedies that contain sexual nuances.

The same thing is also expressed by Syarifah Nur, a student of Communication of University of Indonesia, and Budi, a student of Social Welfare of University of Indonesia, sex movie is rampant to attract the audience.

"The movie’s target is high school teenager who at this age has curiosity about sex that is great. So, I’m not suprised that many comedy movies that leads to sex circulated in the cinema, "said Nur.

Nudity, close-ups of certain body parts, like breasts or butts, or a nude scene are banned under the provisions of the Film Censorship Institution (LSF). However, so far the sample of the protests film is BCG (Buruan Cium Gue) because its title and ML (Mau Lagi) because of its trailer on YouTube. Absolutely it is not because of sex scenes.

When compared with the outer films like American Pie, Indonesian comedy movies did not show too much sex element, although sex is considered a ‘spice’ in the movie, just for entertainment.

In Nur's opinion, Indonesia comedy movies are still worthy to be watched, but need to be adjusted to the standards specified age: 17 years and over.

Budi agreed, and said the role of theater owners are also important so that no children under the 'age' watch a comedy movie for adult.

Although kind of movies play a role in the revival of Indonesian film industry, the downside would not be ignored. According to Ade, a comedy film shows taste of Indonesian society that is low and can lead to an incorrect sex education. "Such films seemed to reflect the sex was no longer holy or sacred and demeaning women," in Ade's opinion.